Copy proof Paper

Security for your paper documents

World Class Security

On the simplest level, when anyone tries to copy your secure document a hidden message shows brightly on the sheet making any counterfeit copy obvious.

On a more complex level, the screening and hidden message is actually made of microscopic text that is embedded in the document.

CopyProof™ is a Copy Proof security paper that identifies originals from their counterfeits.

When your documents are copied the duplicates can be clearly seen with our security message.

CopyProof™ is a product of a collaboration between Atlantis Creations & The Conquest Group (Conquest UK).

The  Conquest & Atlantis team has resulted in many satisfied customers and continue to research and develop new copy proof paper products.

CopyProof ™ is separated between Atlantis creations & Conquest UK:

Atlantis Copy Proof Paper:

Sales: 0800 411 8190

Fax:     0844 410 5880

International: 44 800 411 8190

Conquest Copy Proof Paper:

Sales:     0800 910 1248  0871 910 0011

Support: 0871 910 1249  0871 910 0002

International: 44 700 510 1248

New international lines coming soon


• Writers/Music Composers

• Solicitors- Wills, Deed Certificates, Contracts

• Architects

• Education/Examining Boards

• Government and Local Authorities

• Any business, brand or idea classed confidential.

The first is our plain copy proof paper which reads “VOID” “COPY” “UNAUTHORISED COPY” or ‘ILLEGAL COPY’ if the paper is duplicated.

The second is our premium copy proof paper which is embedded with a security message of your choice.

Copy Proof Printed Paper

CopyProof™ Bespoke Printing  & CopyProof™ Stationary & Forms

If you require additional printing, such as logo’s, numbering etc, please contact “Copy Proof printed Paper” (a dedicated division of CopyProof™ for full colour printing using copy proof paper) or speak to your local printing company about using Copy Proof Paper for your business stationary & forms.

Copy Proof Printed Paper